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My orders don't show up in MyOrders. I contacted RS about it, and was advised that there was probably an error. Not exactly helpful.

Anyone else seeing this. Alternatively, does anyone have a MyOrders section that does contain their previous orders?


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Yes, I had that issue with my last order. First submission I got an error window after pressing the confirmation button saying that there had been an error and the order hadn't been submitted, but the next page loaded was the standard "your order has been submitted" page.

Confused, I checked the "My Orders" page and there was nothing shown (I did think it a little curious that there weren't any old orders in there either). I was in a hurry so I foolishly resubmitted the order, this didn't show the error window, but didn't appear in "My Orders" either. Then I saw that I'd got two order confirmation Emails in my inbox, so I Emailed RS and they canceled the duplicate second order for me.

Last time I checked there still wasn't anything shown in "My Orders".

The take away for me has been to trust the Emails, and not the "My Orders" page.

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