Re: Why not cable trams? (Melb.)

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So is 25 KV AC electrification these days. It's interesting to read some
anecdotal notes coming out of the PPP train section in RailCorp which
suggests they're considering abandoning the use of AC traction simply
because the size/weight of the inverter packs needed but I suspect it's just
an initial engineering assessment and not a final concept that's been
utilised in the design that was presented to tenderers before the contract
for the first half of the PPP project was awarded to EDI.

Hopefully there will be plenty more info about how the design for the trains
progresses as time goes on.


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Re: Why not cable trams? (Melb.)

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 Which is the most stupid comment i've seen for a long time. The modern
VVVF inverter packs are now so small and light that the building of small
profile metro train sets with a single motored axle on EACH CAR is
feasible. And it's not just the inverter packs, the actual 3 phase
induction motors used are significantly lighter than series-wound DC
motors for the same power output.

 The French and Italian double deck EMU's unlike ours, have a large
equipment rooms behind the driver that has much of the electrical
equipment, there is basically no vestibule behind the driver. The latest
designs using VVVF drives have done away with this room as the modern
equipment takes up less space and they can now fit it in the small roof

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 If the above comment is any example of the process, we're doomed. :-)

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