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Lifted from and newsgroups today. This may
interest you out there!

On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 03:13:37 GMT, "Rio sound & vision"

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Dear Mr. Rio,

I think it's about time my boy Philip had a real job.  He's been
running a
muck since he moved to Sydney and I'm sure that cramped and damp
bed-sit flat isn't doing him any good either.  He doesn't have any
up there and a job in Melbourne would mean he can come and live closer
his mum where I can keep an eye on him.

Phillip says he's an expert on hi-fi.  He's got one of those CD
thingies he
bought back in 1983 which he still uses, built his own speakers from a
and he uses an amplifier he fixed up after collecting it from the
throw out a couple of years ago.  I noticed in your advertisement that
will offer to train him.  Just as well, because just between me and
you I
think he has a bit of catching up to do.

He writes to me every so often and says his toaster fixing business
doing too well so I'm hoping you might consider giving my boy a job in
store.  He isn't too keen on that HT stuff but I'm sure you will bring
to his senses sooner of later.   He doesn't have good people skills
though he has frequently said "...all my posts are brilliant examples
communication, either on some technical point related to hi-fi..... ".
Perhaps you can find him a job keeping the storeroom tidy where no one
hear him swearing?

I hope you don't sell Quad speakers.  Philip isn't very good at those.
couple of years back he bought a pair while I was up visiting him in
Sydney bed-sit.  Within hours of getting them home he was taking one
of them
apart with a screwdriver.  There was this terrible sparking and a
small puff
of smoke came out of the back of one of them.  Frightened the hell out
me. It didn't work after that.  Philip assured me the speaker must
have been
faulty and was going to take them back first thing next week and
demand his
money back.

Now I know my Philip is devoted to his work.  He's never been married
doesn't have a girlfriend, although I'm not completely sure of that,
there was a pink tutu hanging in his wardrobe along with some red
stiletto shoes.  Anyhow Philip has never mentioned her and I surely
have not
been introduced.

Philip's Education:
Catholic schooling
4 years of Latin 1
University drop out.

Please, please, please give my Philip a meaningful job.  Heaven knows
needs the money and a way to usefully occupy his time.
you can reach him on  02 9799 8242


Mrs. Allison (Phil's mum).

Re: WANTED: Full time sales staff

Sorry, I omitted handle of poster to above item!

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Re: WANTED: Full time sales staff

Well Done, funniest thing i have read in a while.
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Re: WANTED: Full time sales staff

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**  You'll keep  -  cock sucker.

.........   Phil

Re: WANTED: Full time sales staff

Yeah I nearly choked on my wild turkey and coke
when I saw that classic.

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