Re: single chip 'colour organ'

For those of us who are young enough to remember the old 'colour organ'

> of the 1970's, here it is again. This time it's an LED one, pretty much > all on a single chip. Now where's the fun in that? > >
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> > Geoff

Wow, the old MusiColour is now High Tech, and all in one chip.... Ahhh.. Modern technology its just wonderful.. I wonder if they will bring out a kit that will also do a chaser mode as well.. Ill have to order a 1000 and start designing.. Allan

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There are T1 3/4 RGB LES (5mm round) with built in PWM chips that constantly cycle through a small set of colours. There is no control over the pwm though.

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I can just see the 'ringtone lightshow' on the next wave of mobbly dogs.

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