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I am interested in getting views on a proposed office network. I have taken
> some advice from a boffin but have no way of checking whether that advice
> is
> good or bad. I am hoping that the collective brains trust in these groups
> might shed some light on the subject. Please bear in mind that I am not
> far
> advanced from computer illiterate. If these questions are incomprehensible
> then that might be the explanation.
> We have 4 staff, each with their own stand alone computers. I am going to
> acquire four new computers. Those in my office tell me that I need to
> change
> the current arrangement to an office network.
> The use will be e-mail, web searching and small accounting system.
> The questions I would like to answer for the new office network are
> 1. is a server as well as the 4 desk tops a good idea. ie what would a
> server add? Is it just the ability to view/access others files? What are
> the
> relative advantages and disadvantages of adding a server eg accessibility
> and cost effectiveness?
Store email, store company documents so they are available
to all, center point of document storage and for sales information ,
records(database) etc
that can be more easily backed up than four or more seperate computers.
A decent network switch with spare ports in case you need to add more pcs.
A good hardware firewall for your net connection.
Software firewalls on all machines.
Anti-virus on all machines.
Anti-spyware on all machines.
Update all antivirus, antispyware at least once a week.
2. Is Celeron or AMD preferable vis-a-vis pentium 4.
Unless you are using it as a processing server
makes really no difference what processor for
office use. Cost and reliability are more important.
Probably worth your while to go with Sun , Dell , IBM or HP
with a three year service contract.
Any problems you just ring them,rather than having to fix it yourself.
Depends on your location , if regional go with the company
that can give local support (including local computer shops).
3. Are there any issues bout these being accessible and cost effective?
> Thank you.
> Sam
I would also suggest , getting a ups (uninterruptible power supply),
and tape back up drive.
Back up the pcs once a month, the server twice a week.
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