Re: How to find out the height and speed of the RC planes?

> take up fishing on the weekends.
>> > When I first bought my townhouse, I thought the huge park behind was
>> > good. Three days after I moved in, I realized it was a testing ground
>> > of
>> > the
>> > RC plane fans. Tens of noisy planes hover arround the area every
> weekend.
>> >
>> > Now for a mental exercise, I have decided to design a RCPlaneHunter to
>> > bring them down or destroy them in the sky.
>> >
>> > First idea:
>> >
>> > A device installed on my kid's 4wheeler, which contains a digcam
>> > censor,
>> > a powerful uP with some field programmable gate array chips, an air
> rifle
>> > which can shoot a plastic bullet 200 meters, plus some sensors yet to
> find
>> > out. My electronics will detect the speed, direction and height of the
>> > plane,
>> > determine the firing angle and time of my rifle and fire.
>> >
>> > What are the algorithms to calculate the speed, direction and height of
>> > the
>> > plane?
>> >
>> > Any new ideas are also welcome.
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
> I'd hate to think what you all do on the motorways. You must realize that
> those of us in America who took all the flak from Australians over our
> political and military choices can now safely assume the Australian mental
> health industry took some hush money sometime after they discovered
> lithium.
> It's embarrassing to look at this, as you make the best of our trolls look
> like complete and hopeless punters! Smile, you're on Idiot Camera 4000
> miles
> away...
Umm, what do motorways, US-Australian relations, Iraq (obliquely referred
to), the (mental) health industry and trolling got to do with the topic, let
alone such US crap as "America's Most
Boringly-Over-the-Top-Excited-Till-I-Shat-Myself-Commentated Police Video
Show" have to do with anything that was being said? Oh, yeah, the bit about
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