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Oh well

"Greatest Mining Pioneer of Australia of all Times"
I have received recently from my friend Jacques Philippe in Perth
( Australia Capital of Crime ) the last piece in that puzzle haunting
me since 37 years :

... and this was the fact that Senior Minister Julian Grill, my friend
and the Hon Evans, late WA Attorney General 's friend,  who was to
press for a Royal Inquiry on the Newmont / Newcrest & BHP Mining
Criminals 'robbery of Narla & Day Dawn Mining Companies'
shareholders , was in fact on the Mining Criminals 's black pay
roll ... and this is why Grill is a millionaire now as well as
Lawrence, Court etc

Just a small reminder that the Newmont / Newcrest & BHP manure did not
peg any claims in the Great Sandy Desert,  but had Narla do the job,
so as to sever the connection with Jean-Paul Turcaud ... & the year
following after 800 000 quids of exploration by Narla the Telfer
show,  was "passed" as of no value for 15 000 quids

I have benefited from 3 major inputs which I was not able to find
myself, & hence to understand what really happened :
1) from the Hon. T.D. Evans obtained by the CIB ( muzzled then by
Court ) that millions were paid underhand by the Mining Criminals to
the Narla Directors

2) from the President of Australia Mining Prospectors,  Bob Sheppard,
that Newmont was on a joint venture in Kalgoorle  with Anglo & Western
Mining Corporation (now BHP) which both compnaies  I led to the Great
Sandy Desert major show with 1 ton of huge gossans samples brought
back by Anglo party, 500 kg brought back by WMC + a hundred pounds
submitted direct to Newmont manager Bill Brook by myself initially !
This is why then Day Dawn Cie,   with  Thomson & sundries,  came to
the scene to sever then the credit connection to Turcaud ... allowing
Tyrwhitt & co to claim discoveries over 37 years now ( although the
Mining Manure in the Great Sandy Desert officially gives 71 as the
date of discovery of Australia Largest Copper & Gold Mine, Telfer
Remembe the most famous " I have spotted the site from the air and
landed near by in the Desert to take samples " of the Tyrwhitt
shit ... a citation available in "Desert Gold" , the offical book of
the Telfer Mine discoery by the Mining Manure !
(Telfer,  named after that mongrel dog of Telfer who granted 1100
square km of reserves to the Mining Manure...although  what they
wanted was the 2400 km▓ of the whole show explored thouroughly by
Turcaud,  but Telfer & Court told them it would be granted later ....
as well WMC jumped on Nifty & CRA on Kintyre without credit to the
original discoverer Turcaud

3) from Jacques Philippe who told me of that latest development where
Grill & former WA Premier Burke are brought to Justice to answer for
their financial Crimes

So the affair is closed as far as I am concerned, I have had all my
answers for Australia,  that Land of Bastards and definitive
country of debased Toads  & manure indeed, it can continue to
celebrate his Pioneers & other fraudulent & inexistent  Pioneering
spirit ! ... we know what to think of it !

On the positive side, a Fantastic Drought  which I required indeed is
laminating that filthy country,  home of the awful Convict Rabble &
other type of  degenerate morons : THE HELL ON EARTH  !

I am bowing out of the terrible story NOW, having piecing one by one
all its element together .... and of course I need no honour from the
Antipodean rabble, hence the definitive removal of those Australia
Sir  & Australia Mining Pioneer worthless titles

No regards

Jean-Paul Turcaud
Exploration Geologist & Offshore Consultant
Founder of the True Geology

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