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Hi, I need some ideas about a home automation system! In two weeks time
in need to submit a project proposal. I need to know if it is possible
to develop a home automation system that is controlled directly from a
pc. I intend to control lights, get a live feed from a camera and also
if it is possible to control an air condition. Can someone please help
me with some ideas and suggestions?

Re: Project ideas?

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Check out X10 - here's an Aussie link which may give some ideas:



Re: Project ideas?

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Someone has already mentioned X10 whiich is the $$$$$ solution.

One of the AUS electronic project magazines has all the various bits you
need to add onto a computer to make this an easy matter.

And if you have a broadband connection, you could also set it up for ssh
  to remotely check on stuff.

Live camera feeds are either video server, or apache web page server and
are no brainers (well, series stills unless you have high bandwidth

I know linux is awash with cam monitoring programs that responds to %
diff and activate the camera, plus store images. It is trivial to set up
a hard disk and store the last months images at every 5 sec or something.

Hint, googling would have got you started on this.

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