problem in sun GDM 20E20 Monitor

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i hv two Sun GDM 20E20 .  some time it got the problem when it was
 running. suddenly red color got off. now the only red and green color
 comes in screen . in second monitor there is only  red color .plz
 help me wht may be  the problem??

i hv checked for cold solder but i hvn' found any cold solder .
i gave my monitor for repairing in my city but he couldn't found exact
problem in it .
he told me there is problem  in color processing IC.  but i don't know
which IC   processes the color.

I think tube is ok bcoz i hv changed the board which connected to back
of tube.
when i interchange the board the problem is also interchanged.

Can any buddy tell me which IC may be faulty

thanx in advance every buddy

Re: problem in sun GDM 20E20 Monitor

It may not be the chip. You should use a scope and follow the video process
path to determine where the failure actually is.

In most of the Sony monitors, there is a main driver IC on the video board
that is on the CRT socket. There are also other devices that can cause this
type of fault.



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