Piezo sensor amplification

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Happy new stuff to you all...

After examining my car during the week I've found a few new paint
chips in the doors, and strange tyre marks on the back bumper.

I'd really like to forgive the people who did this - obviously there
was a mad rush to return faulty Xmas gifts and some people felt the
need to kick open their doors to expedite a quicker run to the claims
To quote from someone 'God forgives...'.. Well just now I'd like to
find these fine people and nail their out-of-control limbs to
something appropriate :-)

Anyway, this led me to thinking of a bump sensor, and although there
was a circuit published in SC
I was thinking of a circuit that would use a purpose-built IC to
amplify a piezoelectric sensor and interface the output  to a
microcontroller which would take the appropriate action ie. trigger an
alarm, camera, fire a harpoon etc...

Anyone seen anything like this around or know where I should start

Cheers, Phil.

Re: Piezo sensor amplification

Any idea what piezo sensor was used in that article?

I'm interested in building one up.


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Re: Piezo sensor amplification

Well, I'm not sure what the sensor is Jerd, but I'm thinking it
something like this (hacked)
maybe a gift card piezo speaker (not that I've found one yet).

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