OT: Xmas Light Competition.. Newcastle Area

Every year i'm sure its been KOFM thats run the competition .. nothing on theyr website as yet tho, does anyone know if they are running it again this year? And if so, when does it start/how does one apply?

Or if anyone is aware of any nation-wide/statewide ones? Even web-based ones?

Thanks in advance!

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Drove past grace lands today, they are starting to get their lights up.

This is their last year isn't it??

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**Dunno, but I notice Maple St, Lugarno is well under way. I popped over there last week (daytime) to look at the construction. I noted a large number of homes for sale in the street. Hardly surprising, since the whole thing must be an incredible nightmare for local residents.
Trevor Wilson
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Trevor Wilson

Could just be the best time for them to sell while hundreds of people are walking past unable to see how crap the house looks in the nude.


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Michael C

I think Channel 7 and one of the major newspapers runs something, can't remember details though.

Quite a few houses around our area (Hills district in Sydney) aren't doing it anymore because of kids knocking off stuff in the last few years. They put signs up explaining why they aren't doing it any more. Costs them thousands of dollars to set up these displays and naturally they are pretty miffed.

Still some pretty good displays around our area though. Even a full size anamatronic Santa climbing up the house, very impressive stuff.

Dave :)

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David L. Jones

Lugarno must be a new suburb in newcastle, I've never heard of it.

I popped over

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two bob

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