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Re: OT: More Ebay !@#$
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They now retrospectively include feedback from repeat business with
the same seller (backdated to the 1990s) and are dumping negatives by
people who were deregistered, suspended etc etc.
Thats why yours jumped. Take a look at:


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Apparently even if its pickup - you HAVE to accept paypal if the buyer
wants to use it, and obviously its hard to charge a postage and
handling fee for pickup if they already have used paypal.
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Remember too that the P&H fee will now also be "fee-d" as it goes
through paypal (unless they plan to exempt this portion - which I
doubt) so you have to add on the fee & the portion of extra fee that
the charge generates trying to cover the fee etc etc - into
infinity :).

as for putting these things in your listing,

Ebay have ways of telling when you put certain phrases and words into
the description, for example try listing "western union" anywhere in
an item description and it wont even let you upload it as an item,
until you remove those words first.

other "listing breaches" that get your item cancelled include:

Accepting cash through the post,
Trying to charge extra for paypal

Im sure they will be on the lookout for anyone mentioning your
suggestions too - unfortunately.

Strangely if you put foul language in there "shit", "cock" etc for
example (i found this out by accident when listing CD for sale without
checking the track names for foul language first) your listing will
still upload, and will "exist" for the auction time but will not show
up in the "category" and therefore be "invisible" to the public unless
they happen to find it by accident by looking at "sellers other items
for sale" via an "auctiva" gallery, or unless they know the item
number and type it in.

I should try putting 'oztion.com.au" somewhere in a listing and see
what the system does :)

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Their amount of churn might not be enough to set the world on fire -
but this Ebay "policy" is certain to be one of the best generators of
publicity and new business for them that they have ever had.

I never even heard of oztion before this ebay rubbish policy hit the
headlines about a month back.

Re: OT: More Ebay !@#$

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Ah so, grasshopper.

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Ah, maybe I'd need to do what the shire does with rates.  (They don't charge a %
for late payment, as apparently there were legal issues with that AND it was
seen to penalise the finacially challenged.  So they loaded the % on - without
announcing it  and give a discount for prompt payment.).  So I'd load up the
"handling" element, and that comes off for pickup/cash_at_the_door.  And NO
paypal at the door.

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I'm sure they have a crawler with that word in there as a no-no.

Re: OT: More Ebay !@#$
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According to oztion webpage, they have done well out of the paypal
fiasco :


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