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I posted this some time ago. I think it is time it was posted again.
Apparently, there is a guy in the US who digs stuff out his backyard, and
sends it to the Smithsonian Institute, asking for some kind of verification.
Could be an urban myth, however.



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Re: OT: Humour

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A good laugh indeed. Very well crafted whether it is real or not.
Havent seen it before today either, but then I am not big on the
getting lots of forwarded funny stuff junk.


Andy S
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Re: OT: Humour

On Wed, 19 Oct 2005 01:09:25 GMT, "Trevor Wilson"

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-- Franc Zabkar

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Re: OT: Humour

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**Thanks Franc. I had actually read that, before I posted. I preferred to
keep a little mystery, as it adds considerably to the joke.

Trevor Wilson

Re: OT: Humour

   Thanks Frank... you beat me to it by a matter of hours. :) These
days I check out every story etc which comes my way on the net,  and
so far about 90% of it is either pure fiction or wildly inaccurate
(like old photos of storm systems claiming to be Hurricane Katrina).
    But a lot of it's very funny, too!


On Thu, 20 Oct 2005 17:40:24 +1000, Franc Zabkar

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Re: OT: Humour

NewsGroups,  found courage and express out opinion in

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Sorry to butt in...

Hey Bob,
Do you know a Peter Grbavac?

I was at his workshop at rockdale a few days ago and brought your
ESR meter with me to test something.  I told him a Bob Parker
design it, and he reckond that you guys works together before.

He says hello.


Re: OT: Humour

   Somehow I missed reading your posting until now. What a
coincidence....  yes, *many* years ago I used to attempt some repairs
on photoflash and similar stuff for Peter (PGI). I haven't been to his
workshop for a long time but I still remember him very well.
   Assuming that you read this, if you see him, please tell him I sent
my best wishes. :)



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