OT: Chinese astronauts back

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** This pic really amuses me:


Almost 50 years after the USA and the USSR sent their first Astronauts and
Cosmonauts on short trips  -  the Chinese have done the same in very similar

The ( somewhat charred) capsule seen in the background was launched on top
of modified Long March rocket, originally developed as a nuclear missile.

The USA sent up their first capsules on top of a modified Redstone missile,
a direct descendant of the German V2.

1960s capsules returned to earth by parachute, US ones into the ocean and
USSR ones onto land.

It is all very " deja vu " to anyone who lived through the 1960s.


When the USSR sent a small dog into space,  the US press immediately dubbed
it " Muttnik ".

ROTFL .....

....   Phil

Re: OT: Chinese astronauts back
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At least their smiles are probably genuine, for once.


Re: Chinese astronauts back

"Phil Allison"
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** This pic shows the 3 person capsule much better:


Looks like it re-entered the atmosphere pointy end first  -  unlike the US
Mercury & Gemini capsules.

....   Phil

Re: Chinese astronauts back

Phil Allison schrieb:

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no, you cant tell that from this picture only.
I think there was a heatshield at the base of the cone before reentry,
it was released before landing when the airbag at the base has to be
floated to dampen the impact on the ground. Other parts of the
heatshield were removed too before this foto was taken, the round hatch
right from the persons dressed in red and another heatshield at the tip
of the cone.


Re: Chinese astronauts back

"Uwe Hercksen"
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** You are very likely correct.

There would no be near enough deceleration if the capsule came in like a
ballistic missile.

...   Phil

Re: Chinese astronauts back
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Re: OT: Chinese astronauts back
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Good to see they don't stage anything :-)
Heh, is that an esky in the background :-)
I wonder how many unreported goes they had ?


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