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I have  a Digitor 20 MHz (ex Dick Smith) oscilloscope which I bought some
years ago when money was burning a hole in my pocket.  I unpacked it the
other day to familiarize myself with it.  I tested various components,
resistors, capacitors, diodes etc. and found that I got two quite different
respones fro LEDs.  Some generated the right angled trace supposedly typical
of diodes while some generated the 9 o'clock flat portion of the trace but
the other half angled off to about 1.30.  The Zener diode that I tested
responded as though it was an ordinary diode.  Informative comment would be
much appreciated.


Re: Oscilloscope

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A zener will look like a normal diode in the forward direction. The
"component tester" on your oscilloscope may not generate a high enough
voltage to break down the zener in the reverse direction.

They don't make many scopes with component testers these days!

Dave :)

Re: Oscilloscope

"Roger Dewhurst"
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 **  Could some of your LEDs be self flashing ones  ?

     What was the voltage of that zener ?

     Might be too high for the CRO's test signal to operate.

..........  Phil

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