New development system makes FPGA design easy

Hevday Logic Ltd has released a new Logic Module with accompanying software to simplify the use of FPGA technology in prototyping and small volume applications.

The Hevday Interactive Logic software and Logic Module provides all you need to design schematic based FPGA designs which can be viewed and debugged from a TCP/IP connected PC while the circuit is running. The visibility provided by Interactive Logic provides significant advantages in understanding circuit operation and debugging your logic circuit designs.

The Interactive Logic software gives you complete control over the circuit running in the Logic Module. Clock frequencies can be selected from 10 to 100Mhz, and the circuit can be run, paused or single stepped one clock at a time. The circuit state, including data, signals and state machine states can be continuously displayed on the PC screen.

Other advantages of this system include long time scale waveform display of signals over periods of continuous operation up to 7 days, setting of breakpoints to pause on predefined conditions for debugging circuit operation and, in addition to standard timing calculations, a novel approach for determining maximum allowable clock frequency based on testing actual circuit functionality.

For more information and to download a free copy of the Interactive Logic software visit

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