Need Old Used Record Erase And Playback Tape Heads for Webelo Project

Hi ! I am still looking for parts for a project my son wants to do for his scout troop on an echo chamber. Due to the fact that we are very short on funds and bucket brigade chips seem to be a collectors piece...I figure we could ask for anyone with old record, erase and playback heads from old tape recorders or just old tape recorders (reel to reel will be the best) to donate them. I figure if the oildrum technology and the chip technology is too expensive and complex maybe an old fashioned tape echo might be simple enough. So PLEASE! if you can help out please let me know.



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Don't forget the "garden hose" echo chamber. I remember trying these many years ago. Cheap and not too bad. Get a roll of garden hose, fit a speaker at one end and a microphone at the other and away you go. Not the smallest of devices though.

By the way, you don't have to unroll it :-))

Regards Barry

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Re garden hose echo - what a classic!!


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John Dunkley

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