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Hi all

I have purchased a set of battery powered kitchen scales and I would like to
convert the readout from LCD to LED -  if someone in/near Melbourne and
would like to consider this and another small job, I'd love to hear from you

the other job requires me to be able to sense a low water level and switch
on a tap to refill a tank to the high water mark - the key issue here is
that the environment is extremely steamy as it is for a steam cooker.



Re: Need a Techo

"mindesign"   =   an arrogant ass

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** Why  ??

Scales with pointers are cheap and very easy to read.

LED displays consume significant power, LDC's don't  -   that is why LCD
displays are universally used in battery operated devices.

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**  That is small job and no job offer either  -   your request is mindless
and exploitative.

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** Try using the  "floating ball"  mechanism from an old  toilet cistern.

    Should be ideal for a old shithead like you.

.......   Phil

Re: Need a Techo


Converting from LCD to LED is likely to be a re-design, as one needs LED
drivers, etc... Not an easy job. And will be MUCH cheaper to buy one with
LED in the first place.

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Floater connected to a relay.


Re: Need a Techo

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I thought a floater was a turd?!

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