>female behavior

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Re: >female behavior

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The above was written by the Great Ed Dolan who proudly takes credit for it
as is his due.

Only Catholic priests and hermits like Ed Dolan the Great know anything
worth knowing about women. All the rest of you have been corrupted by your
experience with them. If you would know anything about women worth knowing,
you must separate yourself from them and only contemplate them from a great

Women should not be on these cycling forums. They belong in the nursery
taking care of their children, cooking in the kitchen and going to church on
Sundays. About once a week or so they should serve their husbands in the
bedroom. Is this asking too much of them?

By the way, if you would ever become a Great Saint like Saint Edward the
Great, then you must forever abhor all contact with women. Aye, the way of
Great Saints is narrow indeed!


Ed Dolan the Great - Minnesota
Saint Edward the Great - Order of the Perpetual Sorrows - Minnesota

Re: Ever notice how many trolls -- Was">female behavior"

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And it seems that no matter what group you read there is ALWAYS at least
one jacka$$ troll.

The bicycle is just as good company as most husbands and, when it gets
old and shabby, a woman can dispose of it and get a new one without
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