NEC PF32W502 picture curved on sides.

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NEC ctv model PF32W502 wide screen CRT.
The sides of the picture are curved in at the top and bottom.

Have checked capacitors, diodes, many resistors etc., but have been
unable to find anything faulty.

Is there a chance that data in the EEPROM may have been corrupted?
Could anyone please tell me how to access the service mode?


Re: NEC PF32W502 picture curved on sides.
I found I have the manual for this tv complete with the EEPROM data.
However it seems I need a special remote to access the service mode.


Re: NEC PF32W502 picture curved on sides.
Just to mention something interesting, if the set worked properly when
new, the fault is that there are some components that have drifted off
value. By trying to make adjustments to compensate for defective
components the problem will be compounded.

I don't know your method of testing the capacitors and other
components. Capacitors are very tricky to simply check. The next best
thing other than replacing capacitors is to test them with an ESR

A common cause of scan distortions and failures in the TV you have are
mainly capacitors going off value. The defective components would be
in the scan amplifiers and pin amp areas.

Jerry G.

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Re: NEC PF32W502 picture curved on sides.
Hi Jerry.
I was told the fault occured after a blackout, so I thought there may
be a chance EEPROM data may have been corrupted.
I think I have seen it happen before.

I did test the capacitors with a ESR tester, but all seem o.k.

When you mention capacitors going off value, are you referring to
electrolytic caps?


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