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what is the name of the on line that a few of you use for small order parts supplier other than RS , WES element 14 etc I am looking for a zenner BZT03c30 so far have tried them all except element 14 that I had trouble getting on to might try again tomorrow have not tried Altronics yet either.

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Here's Element 14:

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To answer your actual question, I've been lucky in the past with Rockby stocking parts that are out of production, though your diode is still in production, and Rockby don't stock it.

Then there are overseas suppliers, eg. this one in Poland that I'm waiting (slightly nervously) on a first order from:

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They don't have your diode either.

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** Two similar 15V zeners in series work just as well - with double the dissipation.

I sometimes use strings of 5 or 6 to drop the screen voltages on power tubes.

...... Phil

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