Marconi 2955 flyback and OM modules available

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In my continuous search for spare parts for the nice Marconi 2955
series, I have got these:

(a) OM-2045: they are perfect and upgraded substitutes for the OM-345
originally used in the 2955 / 2955A and have been used in several
units with 100% success. Each unit uses 4 of them.

(b) OM-2050: upgraded substitutes for the OM-350 hybrids used in the
Marconi 2955 and 2955A. Each unit
uses 3 of them.

(c) FLYBACK Kit. New flyback plus needed parts to fix that common
flyback failure. Flyback is newer type and more robust than original
one. Exactly the one recommended by Marconi, with the proper
horizontal cable output.

I needed to buy several units to get the ones I wanted to repair my
2955A and keep some spares, so I have for sale the extra units.

You can check availability of parts on:

Hope this helps to fix some other Marconi 2955 / 2955A !



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