Philips OM-2045 (OM-345) and OM-350 available (Marconi 2955 fix)

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In my continuous research for more spare parts for the nice Marconi
2955 series, I have found another Philips OM hybrid type, the OM-350.
So I have available two types of OM modules:

(a) OM-2045: they are perfect substitutes for the OM-345 originally
used in the 2955 / 2955A and have been used in several units with 100%
success. Each unit uses 4 of them.

(b) OM-350: other hybrids used in the Marconi 2955 and 2955A. Each unit
uses 3 of them.

I needed to buy several units to get the ones I wanted to repair my
2955A and keep some spares, so I have for sale the extra units.

Besides selling them individually, I have arranged a 'kit' consisting
in 2 each, at an special price. You can find info about them here:

Hope this helps to fix some other Marconi 2955 / 2955A !



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