Loss in tv splitters.

Greetings group.
Which of the following would result in the most tv antenna signal
reaching each of 8 outlets?
2 4way splitters connected to 1 2way splitter.
1 8way splitter.
Russell Griffiths.
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Greetings group.
** What you do it look at the maker's specs for each of the units and do some simple arithmetic.
......... Phil
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Phil Allison
In theory they are the same - in practice, what do the respective spec's say?
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Ken Taylor
spend just over 100 bucks and use an 8 way switch
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The single 8 way splitter has a lower loss because you eliminate the loss caused by two sets of connectors to tie the 2 way to each of the four way splitters. You also have four less chances for bad connections and signal ingression to interfere with the picture. I worked for a large MSO CATV company for four years and I tested a lot of sample parts before we purchased our passives in bulk. We used the 8 way splitters in apartment buildings, with a separate drop per splitter.
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Michael A. Terrell
Thankyou Michael and everone else who replied. Russell Griffiths.
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