Jaycars 4 channel IP based remote Contol Kit.

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Anyone built this or know whether the 4 channels are hard coded
or whether you can add more simply by adding more relays.

Re: Jaycars 4 channel IP based remote Contol Kit.

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The kit is prebuilt. It's only a kit in the sense that the boards
aren't in a case and don't have a power supply included. Google
Aviosys and 9202 and you should be able to find the manual (even
though the unit is no longer supported by Aviosys.

I returned mine for a refund when I found that after a power failure
channels 3 and 4, the NO relays, always turned on again which isn't
very useful for remotely powering something up.

Although the mainboard looks like the same PCB is used for the 8
channel version I doubt that it would be easily modified unless you
could reverse engineer their firmware.

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