If you thought that Conroy is a looney

Try this

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It is improbable that the yanks could kill the internet as a whole, but maybe it is time to make sure that there are enough resources in the rest of the world to carry on without them.

Note also the bit about making software suppliers immune from any consiquences of their foulups.

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why don't you be more accurate:

"A new US Senate Bill would grant the President far-reaching emergency powers to seize control of, or even shut down, portions of the internet."

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No its impossible

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Mark Walford

Pssfftt!!! So what if they killed the Internet? I'll just restore it from my backup :)

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Geoff Lock

We would have Austnet controlled by the dudd. The more beds ya find the more Reds there are. I am not paranoid, well maybe not today.

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Taint gunna happen, you watch.

Impossible, actually.

of the world to carry on without them.

Nope, thats there already.

of their foulups.

Thats not going to happen either, you watch.

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Rod Speed

Geoff Lock, you Rock!

(best laugh I have had all week)

Cheers Don...

Don McKenzie

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Don McKenzie

So Googling "google" will NOT cause an infinite loop and bring the internet to its knees? Damned fibbers. Can't trust anyone nowadays.

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John Tserkezis

I can't claim any credit for it, it's an oldie which has done the rounds before :)

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Geoff Lock

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