I am a student of electronics

Just wanted to say hi. and know that I will be checking here quite a bit!

thanks Michael

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What text books are you reading ?


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** This is no school for beginners - buddy.

..... Phil

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Phil Allison

Although you do have a leaning for school boys don't you philthy

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I'd have said more a bending than a leaning

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Peanut Cluster

This is the Best place to start..

Just ignore this guy PHILLY Allison... (He is GAY and does not know it yet..... ROFL ..)

Its a inside joke.. But Welcome to the Newsgroup anway..

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The primary advice I'd give at this point is to take whatever dietary supplements will grow you a thick skin ;-)

Seriously, as long as you show you've put in some effort to solve whatever problem is at hand before posting, most of the JCOB's* here will treat you OK.

  • = Jaded Cranky Old Bastards.


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So it's not advanced toaster repairs then? Shucks I'm soooooo disappointed. :P

Oh, and BTW, "Phil Allison" and "buddy" are an oxymoron.

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Alan Rutlidge

Hi Michael,

First lesson of aus.electronics -

Don't bother discussing anything with Phil Allison - if you don't believe me, start one a see where it leads to. Don't reveal your real name or location to him - he's raised net-stalking to a new high. Don't even mention the name or location of anyone you know - see above reason. Google "Phil Allison" for some well documented discussion on this fruit loop.

In the meantime you will find posting and reading threads on this NG both amusing and informative from time to time.

Cheers, Alan

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Alan Rutlidge

Welcome. Please ask questions, we always need something new to quibble about!


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David L. Jones

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