How do you assign a RCA TV to a Pioneer amp receiver

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I've just installed a Pioneer VSX-515 AV amp receiver and I
would like the remote that came with it to work with my RCA
R29SF0BA TV. The RCA TV codes in the Pioneer manual do not work
but the manual says "Even if you don't input a preset code for
the TV you will be able to control your TV using the dedicated
TV control on the remote if you have assigned it to the "TV
CONT" button.  The manual also covers the VSX-815 and VSX 915
amp receivers that have learning remotes but the quote is from
the chapter that deals with the VSX-515 only.

However, I cant find anything in either the TV or Pioneer amp
receiver manual that says how to do this (and I cannot see it
could work anyway).  I am obviously missing something; can
higher end TV be assigned via the TV or something?


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