Help needed to make sensor and other community projects.

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I am seeking help to make a leaf wetness sensor and some other
community projects. I do not have much experience in electronics and
have very little time to make things up. I am an inventor with many
ideas that could help our community. I also have non profit groups such
as a weather network and am thinking of adding more sensors to my
weather station. I am happy to pay anyone for their time to make
anything and I could also provide the parts. I am from Tolga, near

One thing I want to make up soon is a leaf wetness sensor that outputs
a voltage range of between 0 and 5 volts, depending on the amount of
moisture on it. I have received information in an electronic diagram of
how one could be easily made in an earlier thread about this subject.
It is at
The exact diagram is at /
I have sourced some places where I can buy the sensors but they need to
be modified so that they output the correct voltages and sound a
buzzer. Also I would need to add a heated plate to them to evaporate
the moisture quickly so that the system will promptly alert me when the
rain stops.

I have a data logger that collects data so that the weather can be
graphed out. It is then automatically uploaded on to a public site
linked to The logger requires
between 0 and 5 volts. The voltage values are saved in a text file and
pasted into Microsoft Excel to be converted into the values I need and
graphed out. It would be good if very light drizzle registered at
perhaps the lowest voltage and heavier drizzle was logged at a higher
voltage so that a graph could be created. Also it would be good to put
an alarm on the wetness sensor so it would buzz even when light drizzle
is falling on it. The buzzer could be switched off and separate to the
computer and data logger.

Could you also please contact me by email if possible. The address is
weather at or you can go to the website above. I can
email you the specifications of the sensors that I can buy.

Your help is appreciated,
Regards Richard.

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