FPGA Lab Liquidation Sale

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FPGA  Laboratory Liquidation Sale. Over 1,000 units - be quick, all stock
must go!
We have to get these items out of the lab! - The space needs to be cleared
for new development.
We are practically giving away this stuff so that we can get it into the
hands of the creative people that are going to use it - that's you!


Some of the items:
* CPLD boards, 10 for 20 bucks ($2 each)
* Peripheral Connector Modules, 10 for 20 bucks ($2 each)
* Switches modules, 10 for 10 bucks ($1 each)
* LEDs modules, 10 for 10 bucks ($1 each)
* 5 different grab-bags to choose from
* FPGA eval boards, Xilinx and Altera
* Lots of FPGA devices for prototyping, Xilinx and Altera
* Lots more...

Have a look at the pictures at http://www.burched.com/liquidation

Prices are in Australian dollars, so when you order from Europe or USA you
will be paying less.
For example, approximately, AUD$20 = US$16.73 = EURO$11.39

For Australian orders we will add GST.

* Stock may run out in less than one or two days.
No minimum or maximum order limits per customer.

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