[Ad] FPGA Boards Massive Sale

FPGA Boards Massive Sale!

10% to 25% off the normal price of all items! Sale ends 30 November 2004.

Download sale flyer at

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Website at
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Great savings for a limited time!

  • 25% off B5-X300 FPGA Boards, including download cable. Great FPGA boards for building real-world projects! Largest number of accessible I/O pins.

  • 20% off Super-Value-Packs. B5-X300 and plug-on modules. Super-Super value!

  • 20% off all plug-on modules. Widest selection, including Switches, LEDS, SRAM, CF, ...

  • 15% off all hardware upgrade deals, for current B u r c h E D customers.

  • 10% off Sydney-X1 and Sydney-X1E development systems.

  • 10% off all accessories, including the new B5-Easy-Clips!

  • 10% off all bulk-saver-packs! Great value multiplied! Set up your university lab!

If you already have some other FPGA board, which was good for evaluation or demo, then maybe now you're "past it" and you need a board for building real-world designs, or advanced student projects... B u r c h E D boards have:

  • The largest number of accessible I/O pins
  • The widest selection of plug-on modules
  • Are ideal for prototyping real-world designs
  • Are economical for advanced student projects

At these sale prices, it is a great time to get a B u r c h E D system, or some sets of systems. Order online now, or ask us for a quote online now - the sale ends on 30 November 2004!

B u r c h E D Making FPGA Prototyping Easy

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