Fire Hazard Recall

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From the Daily telegraph On -Line:

Fire threat sparks television recall

April 16, 2007 12:00

THOUSANDS of Loewe brand televisions are being recalled because of a
potential fire risk.

Affected television sets include a wide range of Loewe 100Hz models produced
between March 1999 and October 2001.

"In the framework of continuous quality checks it was discovered that, in
picture tube TV sets from the production period March 1999 to October 2001,
faults could arise at certain soldered points which could lead to
overheating of the set and, in the worst case, to a danger of fire," Loewe

NSW Fair Trading Minister Linda Burney said an estimated 4700 of the
affected televisions were sold in the state.

She said there had recently been a report in Victoria of a fire in a Loewe
100Hz model television.

"Consumers with a Loewe television that is between six and eight years old
are urged to immediately disconnect it and contact the company to determine
if their set needs fixing," Ms Burney said.

The company will arrange for a free home inspection and repair of affected

Information on affected televisions is available by calling a hotline on
1800 661 922 or online.


......  Phil

Re: Fire Hazard Recall

And here we are thinking you were warning people about your
"back yard" toaster repair business.


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