Fault: Free Sanity DVD Player

About 3 months ago Sanity had a deal where you bought 4 DVD's and they gave
you a free DVD player.
The player had a 90 day return to Sydney warranty.
After about 90 days mine stopped working. Investigating I found that the
1000 microfarad, 10 VW electrolytic capacitor in the power supply was
I replaced it and now all is well.
Just yesterday I had the same thing happen on another of the same players.
It looks like there was a faulty batch of capacitors.
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They probably knew this as well, which is why they bought them for peanuts and gave them away to get people into the stores.
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mark jb
Electrolytics and dry joints seem to be the most common trouble spots in electronic equipment !
Even though most items these days, especially DVD players arent really worth fixing these days, its still nice to have such a win :)
I even had a strange dream about faulty electros last night. In it - a manufacturer was advertising they had made their first electrolytic in 1948 and it was still working (in a vertical deflection circuit), and therefore theirs were the most reliable !
After this - Im starting to doubt my sanity - or maybe I have just been working too hard ? :)
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Have had a few where the brushes on the disc motor wear through and fail.
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Mark Harriss
** I saw a 5 watt valve guitar amp that was made in Sydney in 1948 just last week.
All the big red Ducon electros were just fine !!!!
Shame about the 10 inch *electrodynamic* speaker, but !!
............. Phil
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Phil Allison
they just don't make things like they used to
there is an old model film projector, a Bauer u3, from the late 50's to mid 60's. It has a 8uf motor start cap in it. Average usage is 6-8 starts a day, starting sequence takes about 10-15 seconds. They almost never fail.
Now defunct competitor made a new control board with new caps, some brand from Italy I have never seen. They seem to erupt in monumental fashion in about 5 years. So I replace them with one of the original caps from a spare control board.
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Mark Hathaway
Nah! Caps are probably OK, but underrated.
Very common in all cheap DVDs.
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Rudolf Ladyzhenskii
I would still say the caps were faulty. I replaced them with 10VW caps. Similar to a group of motherboards in the last year or two. Will see in 6 months how the replacements go. John
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