Ericsson: 225,000 TB traverse mobile networks each month

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Ericsson: 225,000 TB traverse mobile networks each month
Aug 14, 2010 9:37 AM
Vendor deploys two-millionth base station.

About 225,000 terabytes of data is pulsing across mobile networks globally each
month, according to new figures from

The networking vendor said mobile data was growing exponentially despite mobile
broadband accounting "for only 10
percent of total mobile subscriptions".

"Global mobile data has nearly tripled in the last year, growing more than 10
times faster than voice," Ericsson said.

It came as Ericsson said it had deployed its two-millionth base station globally.

A spokesman declined to reveal how many of those had been deployed in Australia.

"It took Ericsson some 20 years to install one million radio base stations as
announced in 2007, but it took only three
years to deliver the next million," the company said.,ericsson-225000-tb-traverse-mobile-networks-each-month.aspx

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