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I've found that if you leave almost anything electronic on the curbside clean-up day, someone happily takes it in the middle of the night, delaying the landfill at least a little while longer I guess.


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David L. Jones

Same old bullshit. Did anyone see the report comparing coal to e-waste? Coal had over 100x more lead, arsnic, plutonium etc. etc. in it and its burned off by the tonne every few seconds. And whats with wanting lead free electronics? 1 car lead battery contains about a 10,000 times more lead than a computer, and they actually land fill them also.

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So what's the point you're trying to make Allan?

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What do all you greenies Expect! You recycle your milk containers, but throw your Old VCRs, DVDS, TVs into the Bin!!

WHY??? Because its cheaper to buy a new model than get the old one fixed! WHY??? Because all these 3rd world countries have people working for less than a $1 an hour.

AND because we Aussie people are not going to work for that tiring to fix your cheap imports... So what happens .. More Crap becomes Landfill... More Carbon emissions, Ozone depletions and all that "END OF WORLD CRAP" gets more and more Publicity, but you don't care, because you use the Recycle Bin for you Milk cartons, but buy more and more IMPORTS.....

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This is not the main reason -- main reason is that we are prepared to pay for the crap. We only look at the price tag. As a result, manufacturers are making things as cheap as possible to stay in competition. Needless to say, they have to cut corners and quality suffers. I am getting units in for repair that are 1-2 weeks old! (under warranty).

When 69cm CRT TVs used to cost $1500, manufacturers could afford quality. And people would keep their units for years.

As for cheap labour -- in electronics lots of the stuff is built my machines. While there is a labour component, I do not think it contributes much to the cost.


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Well, we import the paper to make milk cartons too.

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I bought a Sony DVD player about 5 years ago for about $250. And it's still working fine, along with my Sony 26" CRT monitor bought at the same time.

I'd hate to think about the number of milk cartons I've bought in the same period. Hmmm...lets see now... average 1 x 2 litre milk carton per week... 5 x 52 = 260 cartons.

Hmmm.....that's an awful lot of paper....AND more energy is used for recycling the cartons...

And we don't have squids (kids)...

BTW, we had our recycle bin emptied last Thursday, and it was just about full again in 4 days. The next collection is Thursday week. The main culprit is PET bottles, glass wine bottles and cans (we like our food).

And the amount we've spent on wine in those 5 years.....oh...sheet......

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