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Re: Dual Serial Input for Infrared control?

On Tue, 18 Jul 2006 22:33:32 +1000, "Kwyjibo"

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Many years ago, when serial ports were common on mini computers, I
have seen a bar-code scanner connected in parallel with a terminal on
a single serial port. IIRC it involved fitting a diode (1N914 ?) in
the bar-code reader's Tx line. Being only a reader of course, there
was no Rx line.

This worked reasonably well, the only problem we had was that the
combination would not work at a distance ie a couple of floors down in
a fairly large library building. A 'wedge' connected reader, ie one
that connected in series with the terminal's keyboard was the only
solution at that distance.


Re: Dual Serial Input for Infrared control?

Hi all

Thought i should supply a bit more info, sorry for the silence, been
working steady the last week or so.

The infrared sensor I use is one of the Packard Bell Fast media Remotes,
not sure what's inside them. I don't know much (stuff all really) about
electronics, so a lot of the comments here went over my head.

The software for the remote is called Dosgir, this is just a little TSR
program that converts the signals into keystrokes, any remote can be
trained to input commands. My mp3 software is called mpxplay, a
brilliant little dos mp3 player that is controlled by keyboard, mouse or
joystick. so the remotes work well for song change, pause, volume etc.

because dosgir is configured to watch just one serial port I can't just
add another port, so thats the reason for 2 sensors on one port.

The computer is located in the shed under a window and I just want
control from just outside that window near the pool, but using the
remote thru the window is out, as the are blacked out for the home
theatre setup in the shed. so I don't need to run a cable very far.

If it's not possible to double them up, i'm thinking of just setting up
a button on the remote to run a small batch file to unload dosgir and
then reload it using a different port, this should work ok just not as
pretty as having 2 sensors working at once.

one other thing I was thinking of was a splitter box with switch to
select a different sensor while both are on the same port, anybody see
any problems with that ? would a simple switch do the job if it has
enough poles for the sensor, or would I need a proper switch box?
I've got a old parallel one laying around somewhere, so i might see if i
can hunt up a serial one. not sure if this will upset the software, but
I can try just by pulling the sensor plug out and plugging it back in to
see what happens anyway.


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