DSE the last straw

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I suppose it's kinda almost reasonable to accept that a DSE store in a major
shopping centre, Chadstone in Melbourne, may not stock SC mag. these days

But for the floob they employed not to have even heard of it and actually
pull out an old catalogue of theirs to see if that would do, left me totally
I left the store without another word.....  never to return.

Mark Kelepouris

Re: DSE the last straw

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Yep, they're the Tech Spurts

Re: DSE the last straw

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I try not to talk to anyone when I enter a DSE store. My patience runs too
short these days.

The last time I went there I decided to let their complete lack of knowledge
work to my advantage. I went in to get a new soldering iron for home,
nothing fancy, just something to do the occasional repair job. They had
their DSE station there on special,  I can't remember now how much. Sitting
beside it was a Weller WTCPT (yes I know a lot of you hate them, but I like
them). It was unboxed and had a card on it "Reduced, no box" or something
like that and a price of around $150 (I think they retail at DSE for about
$180). I picked it up and noticed a rattle. Looking through the vents I
could see the nut had come adrift from the earth binding post. I took it to
the counter and offered $90 for it as it was "broken". Apparently that was
too good an offer to refuse.


Re: DSE the last straw

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Bargain :)  DSE are exiting the DIY electronics biz, so they're trying
to get rid of old stock.  I had a run in with them around last Xmas,
buying some components via their web site.


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