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G'Day all.
Many years (at least 15-20) ago my dad made a 240V touch light dimmer from a
kit. Quick touch on-off.  Fingers on dim-up/dim-down.  The finished product
consisted of a brushed aluminium plate in a blank HPM mount.  They have
since moved out of home and the switches are still in the wall there.  I
know there was a later kit which featured infra-red and multi output, but I
liked the original, simpler and cheaper.  I'm sure it would have been in EA
or ETI, silicon chip weren't around at that stage, but I haven't had much
luck in finding it, even with google.  Is there anyone out there who may
have a copy of the article, still have one of the switched, or a schematic
or PCB lay-out, that would be fantastic.
Many thanks in advance

Re: Dimmer Kit

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**  Very likely the  "Touch Light Dimmer " published in EA magazine in April

   The same article included a remote control option.

   A follow up in August had a timer

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**  Try the inimitable *Bob Barnes*  at  RCS Radio, Chester Hill, Sydney.

http://www.rcsradio.com.au /

Sells PCBs & copies of published articles for every Aussie mag project ever.

.......   Phil

Re: Dimmer Kit

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SC June/July 1989 described a project using a dedicated lamp control
IC, Siemens SLB0586.
These are obsolete now and you might find it difficult to buy one-off
or small quantities.

Re: Dimmer Kit

On Mon, 31 Jul 2006 03:55:15 GMT, Ross Herbert

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Aztronics stock list shows qty 10 at $3 ea
http://www.aztronics.com.au/default.asp?ID33 %

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