Oldest EA kit in use ?

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**  Following on from DLJ's post re old  kits still on sale  -   who here
has the oldest  EA  ( or RTV&H  ) magazine kit design in  GOOD  WORKING
ORDER  ???

Gotta be something significant  -  like an item of test gear or hi-fi.

Gotta be something YOU constructed too  !!!

I have an  EA May '66,  2 MHz calibrated CRO,  still in good order.

Will post a pic on ABSE,   if asked.

 So will you too   !!

.......   Phil


Re: Oldest EA kit in use ?

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Well I can't beat that Phil.
I built an EA Playmaster 136 which was later passed on to a friend's father
along with a Philips belt drive turntable and an ADC magnetic cartridge.  At
a recent school reunion my class mate reported the amplifier hadn't missed a
beat and is still going strong.  Apparently his father uses it everyday and
other than the volume control is a bit "scratchy" in one channel at some
settings he's completely happy with it and has seen no reason to replace it.
Perhaps on day when I have reason to be in his area I'll drop in with a
replacement dual pot and perform a "transplant".


Re: Oldest EA kit in use ?

"Alan Rutlidge"
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**  Well just lookie  -  here is one on eBay right now !!


Amazing  !!!

I recall selling transistor packs ( when at Edge Electrix) for the power amp
stages -  supplied from Fairchild  - in early 1973.  Consisting of:

1 x AY9171
1 x AY8171
1 x 2N3638A
1 x 2N3643
1 x SE4010
1 x 2N4250
1 x 2N3565

Probably the first all silicon, fully complementary audio amp sold as a kit
in Aussie.

The AY prefix output devices came in TO66 packs, with gold plated leads and
mounting base.

Too pretty to actually use .....

.....  Phil

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