Dealing with voltage spikes

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Every now and then, I encounter a voltage spike in a circuit.  Sometimes
it is cause by a dodgy component, but not in this case - I think.

What is the best way to deal with these?

I have tried using 100nF and 10uF capacitors but this has not made any

The circuit is currently an Arduino, two LM35's feed by the 5v line, and
an LCD module also feed by the 5v line from the Arduino.

I have used decoupling between the AREF and Gnd, VCC and GND, AVCC and
GND, the VCC and GND of the LM35's, the Vout and GND of the LM35, and I
have even gone overboard by using several 100nF and 10uF on the voltage

The datasheets in this case have not provided much help beyond basic

I would appreciate any ideas or pointers.

Re: Dealing with voltage spikes

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Solved, somewhat.  USB is 5v @500mA.

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