Cheap batteries again

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Saw a post about buying cheaper Camcorder batteries on Ebay.
But I too wanted to know more about this.
I don't mind taking the gamble and losing 30 bucks or so for a cheapie from
Honkers, that packs it in after a few recharges.
But I am more concerned, can these batteries do damage to your camcorder ??


Re: Cheap batteries again

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As I said in my other post, the answer is a big NO. They are designed
to be direct replacements. The worst that can happen is you won't get
the same capacity as the genuine ones. Dont believe the crap that the
manufacturer tells you.

I got ones off eBay for $2ea, and they have proven to be just as good
as the genuine one that can cost as much as 30+ times that price!

Dave :)

Re: Cheap batteries again

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Some years ago I bought a "6000mAh 6V battery pack", code VBV860, from
WES, which was advertised as using "best quality, US made Gates
battery cells". These are SLA types designed for powering camcorders.

The VBV860 kit was actually a 5000mAh 8V unit. Furthermore, the
individual batteries were not Gates cells as stated in the catalogue,
but were in fact 2.1V Cyclon batteries. These were arranged as one
individual cell (code RB25) in series with a Cyclon three-pack
(code RB325).

- Franc Zabkar
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Re: Cheap batteries again

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I thought Gates made Cyclons: sort of the model name for the batteries.
They can be brought back to life after they dry out with a few mls of
distilled water through the rubber bung on top.

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