Bit OT: File conversion HELP!

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We're trying to get a banner for our band, and have found a local mob
that can do just what we're after. Only problem is that the have
fairly restricted capabilities for the types of file they can handle.
They require:

"vector art which can be opened in illustrator cs3 either a PDF or EPS

Web references re PDF (which would be easy) aren't too specific, but
we're told that there are two types of PDF file, vector and
non-vector, and the basic PDF programs I have don't mention the V word
at all. We've tried some of the freeware converters on the web, but
none will handle the file size involved (big banner, high DPI). The
file we have is a JPEG.  

Has anyone got any suggestions, or can offer assistance?

Re: Bit OT: File conversion HELP!
<Bruce Varley> wrote in message  
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The two types of PDF you encountered would be Vector and Bitmap. Vector  
files detail connections between points (lines or curves), and because of  
this indirect reference can be scaled infinitely without losing any  
resolution/quality. Bitmap files on the other hand detail individual pixels,  
so inherently lose quality during _any_ re-sizing attempt.

Here's a YouTube video to illustrate the differences;

The only solution would be for someone with the time, skill and software to  
sit down and trace your JPEG image to create a vector file. A lot of  
printers will provide this service (at a cost, of course); if yours doesn't  
but you can't find anyone else who'll compete with him price-wise, you might  
be able to get another printer (or a graphic artist) to do the tracing for  
you, then give the resultant file to your printer.

Bob Milutinovic

Re: Bit OT: File conversion HELP!
On 2015-02-25, Bruce Varley <Bruce> wrote:
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inkscape: a free vector graphics program it can save EPS and PDF
it can do conversion from bitmap to vector, (which is called tracing)
and can be somewhat automated assuming you're not starting from a
still-life.  the tracing option is buried in some obscure menu. you'll
probably need to search (the web) for it.

umop apisdn

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