Best offer[Melb]: radar detector , scsi cards, pc extender card

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Hi all, i have the following for best offer by 3pm today, any offer
must pick up by tomorrow

1) Copy ii pc copy card
2) Western digital fasst 7000 scsi card, full length AT 16 bit
3) Perseus IBM AT io protoype card, unused
4) Adaptec 1542CF scsi card
5) NEC scsi card, 8 bit AT
6) NCR scsi card 8 bit AT
7) Adaptec AVA1502E scsi card, 16 bit AT
8) ethernet card, rj/coax 8 bit AT
9) IBM AT extender card
10) Whistler1570 laser/rf radar detector

ph 0414723148

items located greensborough area


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