AWA W5105 TV - Component Values??

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Anyone help with the values of some components for an AWA TV Model:W5105
R305 Value? Wattage? Fusible? - Hard to read but maybe be 27ohm
R610 Value? Wattage? Fusible? - Possibly a 3.3ohm??
Q603 Currently a blown BUW11A - Is this the original or a substitute??
Q605 1815 - I assume this is a 2SC1815?

Thanks for any help

Re: AWA W5105 TV - Component Values??

As it turns out, I have one sitting next to me, pulled apart, with Q603
and Q605 also dead.  It also has Q604 dead - all in the power supply.

Q603 was originally a C5287 (2SC5287), but the BUW11A should substitute
- I hope so, because I'm using one
Q603 is a 2SC1815 (marked C1815)
R610: 0.33 ohm, I think (orange-orange-silver)
R305: 270 ohm (measures 10 ohms in circuit).

Not sure how to tell if they are fusible.  The colours on some, such as
R305, are difficult to read even though they don't look heat stressed
(maybe they are?).


TJB wrote:
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Re: AWA W5105 TV - Component Values??

Thanks Glenn
        Sounds like your set has a blown power supply similar to the one I
    have here. I agree some of the colours are difficult to read, R305's
    colour code indicates a 27ohm but measures 270ohm, which was rather
    confusing. R610 is looking a little sad with only two orange bands
    left so I wasn't quite sure what it was.
As to whether the resistors are fusible, well I was hoping someone might
just have it marked down in their little book or have a circuit diagram.

Thanks again for the effort

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