Atmel AVR with radio transmission question.

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In this project, 10bits digital signal from AT90S8535 ADC is desired to
transmit by radio transmission to other AT90S8535 microcontroller (HT-12E
encoder with TLP-434 transmitter are chosen by partner) and received by
HT-12D decoder with RLP-434.

1) I would like to ask how can I send digital signal by HT-12E? I've read
the datasheet of HT-12E, It is a 12bit encoder there is a 8bits address bit
and 4bits data bit to transmit signal, but I'm not really understand how
does do it work.

2) Which way would be suitable to transmit by HT-12E?

a) Output ADC signal by low four bit and input this low four bit to HT-12E
data bit D0-D4.

b) Converting ADC 0 - 1023 and scaled from 0-999, take each digit away and
transmit each digit by 1 data bit of HT-12E, so each data bit can send
individual signal.

3) Do you guys think HT-12E with TLP- 434 are suitable to transmit digital
signal from microcontroller to other microcontroller. It is because it is
normally in use by remote control system.

4) Could you please suggest me to radio transmit digital data from one
microcontroller to other microcontroller?

Thank you very much

Please let me know if you get confused on reading my letter.

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