Alchemist Kraken amp power supply

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    I have an Alchemist Kraken APD6A Mk2 amp. It is set up to run the
speakers  throughout a house that a friend recently purchased. It needs
an external power supply but this is missing.

    Has anyone got any information on the power requirements for this unit.
the supply connects through a 6 pin din with 5 pines used. It looks like
the external supply needs to be a split supply. The only clue on the
board is that the electros on the supply side are 35v 1000uf  by 3 each
side, so the supply should be somewhere below +35 0 -35

Re: Alchemist Kraken amp power supply
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**Synergy Audio Visual, in Melbourne were the distributors. You could
try them for information. Failing that, a message to
newsgroup may elicit some assistance.

Your friend should probably avoid buying stolen equipment in future.

Trevor Wilson

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