Air Conditioner De icing Prob.

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Any Air Con gurus around.
Problem is a LG LWC092-RH2 domestic window type reverse cycle Air
Conditioner which when in heating mode frequently decides it needs to
de ice itself even though there is no ice to remove.
Makes the unit a bit useless for heating as its de icing more than
What conditions are usually measured to determine when an air con
needs to de ice.
The unit doesnt have any obvious thermistors or air flow detectors on
the external evaporator so I cant figure out whats activating the De


Re: Air Conditioner De icing Prob.

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Yep thats a problem  Lucky it Goes

 domestic window type reverse cycle Air
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It doesn't necessarily have to have obvious ice to go into de-ice.
If it is extremely cold outside eg 0 degC or less it will drop into de-ice
mode when there is a big enough temp differential that the gas is returning
to the fan coil at too low a temp. This is so it doesn't blow cold air at
Someone else may be able to go into more detail for you.

Re: Air Conditioner De icing Prob.

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Thanks for the above.
The Unit actually works really well when its used for cooling and they
are dirt cheap.
The de icing is happening at outside temperatures well above 0 deg C,
sometimes up to 10 deg C.
The unit has a microprocessor type of control system thats initiating
the de icing, but I cant figure out what inputs its using to decide to
do this.
Ill see if there are any pots or things I can adjust and see what

Re: Air Conditioner De icing Prob.

I believe that gas for heating is the way to go.
I have a very large reverse cycle, ducted system. During summer you can just
about freeze the whole house, (you know what I mean), and if the outside
temp is around 4 to 6 degrees above we set it at 17 degrees, this proves to
be quite comfortable, ( my mother has hers set at 23 degrees!! ). However if
the temp outside is below the 4 to 6 degrees the system goes into the de-ice
mode and the fan blows very cold air around the house. To prevent this we
had the tech disconnect the auto fan setting. Knowing what I know now I
would have had a back up gas system for heating.
South Australia
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