802.11x, PCMCIA (or USB) adapter with RSSI and external antenna

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There are vast amount of variety for 802.11 network adapter cards in
the market.

For an experiement I am searching for 802.11x (a,b,g) adapter card with
PCMCIA (or USB) interface.
This experiments will look at the RSSI (Rceive Signal Strength
Indication), channel capacity (throughput), as a function of  the range
between two communication nodes, antenna type, polarization etc.

(A) Do you know any off the shelf 802.11x network adapter card with the
following specs
       * Software drivers for MS - Windows, Linux and QNX operating
       * PCMCIA (or USB) interface
       * RSSI (Rceive Signal Strength Indication)
       * External antenna connection
(B) If you have you done similar experiments would you like to share
your findings with us?


Miem Chan

miemchan at yahoo com au

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