12V LED MR16 downlight bulb.

Hi All,
what sort of transformer can drive LED light bulb? In the lighting shop
they have 2 type of transformer (magnetic or electronic), which one can
fit on this application or it required special one?
Because the power consumation for LED light bulb is very low, does it
means one transformer can drive multiple LED light bulbs?
thanks all advice.....
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** Depends on which LED bulb - dickhead.
** Depends if the LED bulb is a DC type or designed to run in a normal halogen bulb outlet.
** Err - the word " consumation " refers to an entirely different matter !!!
But the answer is yes - if the LED bulb is one designed to run from an ** AC ** source of 12 volts.
Both the magnetic and electronic transformers produce AC voltage.
.......... Phil
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Phil Allison
Typical reply from this groups real Dickhead. The person has put the question here because he is asking for answer. Not everyone here is a enius - like you. hahahahahahahahahaha
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you misspelt penis
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Either electronic or magnetic will work fine. Yes, you will be able to run more units from a single transformer - all you need to do is find out the wattage of the LED light bulbs and the wattage of the transformer you're using and divide one by the other. For example, if a LED unit draws 5 watts, and the transformer is rated at 60w you can hang 12 of the same lights off the one transformer.
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