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** Hi,

my local Aldi store now has a range of LED bulbs in stock at low prices - so I lashed out on one. I bought the most powerful one, rated at 15W, 2700K, 1300 lumens, dimmable and in B22 fitting - the size and shape are close to a 75W incandescent.  

The maker is "Muller Licht" of Germany, but manufacture is in China.

Other ratings are 25,000 hours life, 100,000 on/off cycles, CRI >80, instant full brightness and light output equal to an old style 89W bulb.  

So far I have verified that the PF is around 0.9 and it can be smoothly dimmed to very low levels with a Variac. A leading edge dimmer (two wire) dims the lamp quite well also, but with a large hysteresis effect at low settings.  

The lamp appears to be watertight, very sturdy (and quite heavy at 200gms) so should be very suitable for wet areas and outdoor use.  

Installed in a ceiling socket in my kitchen, it gives almost double the lux level of a 22W spiral CFL despite that lamp have a 6000K colour temp.  

Not to shabby at all.

Price is $9.99

....  Phil  



Re: LED light bulb
On 13/03/2015 6:42 PM, Phil Allison wrote:
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I've replaced all the CFLs in my house with Aldi LEDs, the light is  
better, they come on instantly, they use a minuscule amount less power,  
and, after a year, none have failed.

Re: LED light bulb
Once upon a time on usenet keithr wrote:
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Interesting, thanks guys. I've not seen that brand (I'm in NZ) but will look  
out for it in case it comes here. I also have all LED lighting in my home.  
Some are Philips, some Panasonic ( both were expensive) and some are cheaper  
Chinese things. I find you certainly get what you pay for as regards light  
quality and output.

Last month the council replaced the HPS streetlight outside my place with an  
LED unit. It's *so* much better, hardly any spill-over into my section (the  
HPS used to light up my bedroom curtains) and much better coverage of the  
street / footpath. Plus it's only a 33w unit.

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